Bedrooms are our secluded and private areas, specifically for us to detach and unwind. In Australia, many seek refuge and solace inside their bedroom because the outside world can become too much to handle. Your bedroom can have a closet with a bed and be perfectly suitable, even with a minimal design. The bedroom windows usually become forgotten, and the area around the bedroom window (or windows) gets neglected. The neglect becomes a missed opportunity because bedroom windows offer great chances for enhancing your place of rest. Without breaking the bank, here are some suggestions.

1. Match the shades with the walls

Consistency is crucial to establish harmony in your home and bedroom. Conflicting ideas and interior design choices create a clash of energies and disrupt the peace inside your bedroom. Walls should match your drapes or vice versa. In the bedroom, you have the freedom to play with colours, but please bear in mind that colour schemes should complement one another. The easy solution is to pick the drapes matching your walls, but if some designs leave you breathless, it’s time for remodeling.

2.  Apply window film for large surfaces

Some bedrooms are large and open to the world. They get greeted by sunshine and let plenty of air outside in. If one of your bedroom walls is mostly window, then you don’t have to go with curtains, but can instead apply two-layer films or tint on your window. Modern choices let you keep your privacy, where you can look outside, and not have to worry about prying eyes. Window film protects you from too much sunlight and filters the rays which can damage or bleach your textures.

3. Play with bold colours

Who says bedrooms have to be bland, boring and calm? You can go with brightly coloured decor ideas, like yellow, orange, lush green or striking pink! Bedrooms are full of energy, waiting for a chance to transfer it to us. When you enter your bold bedroom, a smile can appear without a thought. For people full of life, their bedroom is more of a pit stop and an opportunity to get the most out of their day. Paint the walls bright, full of whimsy and delight, so your bedroom remains within your sight, long after you leave it. Breaking the norm can reveal some interesting outcomes.

4.  Stylish curtains

Some styles never go out of fashion and for a good reason. Victorian, renaissance or Colonial are usually the top three picks, but you can always browse for more. The style of different cultures and continents can bring a breath of fresh air into your bedroom. Curtains are to a window what a dress is to any of us. Anything you can think of can be found, in all shapes and colours, on the web. You can browse beautiful and stylish curtains from Sydney, and see what the market has to offer.

5. Flowers

Simple and elegant, potted flowers are always a nice addition to any bedroom window. Low-maintenance potted plants can bring unique fragrances, to brighten up and fill your bedroom. Inviting nature into your place of solace makes for a great company, letting you break a monotonous window frame. If your windows open to the outside or up, you don’t have to worry about knocking them over. In case you have a radiator beneath your window, you can put a plank to double down as a shelf for your window plants.

6. Stained glass

If you have an artist inside of you that screams and oozes with talent, you don’t have to stop by painting the walls or drapes, because you can also paint the windows. Stained or painted glass first became popular with cathedrals and similar places, but gradually expanded over time. Stained glass can be the perfect home project where you can express yourself. You can download patterns from the web or paint something from your mind. The important thing is to have fun while doing it and aim to bring the picture inside you to the window.

7. Relax with a breezy design

Having boring and old white-coloured walls is not inspiring and brings even the best bedrooms to a halt. When you need a breath of fresh air in your bedroom a design that mimics open field, wind and air is perfect to implement. Light blue drapes with green detail, matching the airy blue walls, painted on your white surface are a good start. Work with what you have and transform those boring old walls into something worth looking at.

8. Double hit

Decorations around your bedroom walls can come from both sides. if you like what you see, then double it! All types of curtains, drapes, and shades, can be installed on both sides of your window frame and offer twice the appeal. Choosing between single or double-sided decorations is a matter of personal choice, so we’ll leave that up to you.

9. Shades for privacy

We’ve talked about different design choices for bedrooms, which mostly come from personal preferences. For people who wish utmost peace, privacy and solitude from their bedrooms, shades are the only choice. Heavy, obscuring and private, they block out the light and any unwanted gazes. Some even act as sound dampeners, snuggling you inside your oasis of peace.

10. Tying up

To wrap our suggestions, we suggest tying up your decorations with a ribbon, string, rope or similar. You can do this in the middle or at their end, using a bedroom window accessory to add your personal touch, as a cherry on top.

Leaving any part of your home plan unattended is a waste of potential. It’s your home after all, and it deserves your attention for every nook and cranny. Windows are the eyes of your home, just as eyes are windows of the soul. What you see from and thru them reflects the kind of home you wish to have. Anything of value comes from the sum of its parts. So make sure your bedroom windows are the gateway to your dreams.