Bathroom renovations often cause homeowners irritation, missed deadlines, and expensive prices. Given the exorbitant expense of bathroom remodelling, it pays to be creative and seek better, more affordable solutions. Here are 6 budget-friendly bathroom remodelling ideas that make your bathroom look brand new. 

Use Lower-Cost Lookalike Materials

Reusing and refurbishing old materials is always the most cost-effective alternative. However, low-cost substitutes can frequently appear astonishingly similar to the original if you must substitute materials. 

Try luxury vinyl flooring instead of real wood plank flooring, for instance. Today’s vinyl flooring is far more attractive than its predecessors. However, even from a distance, innovations such as luxury vinyl flooring and plank vinyl may mislead the eye.

Quartz and high-definition laminate counters increasingly compete with granite for the appearance of genuine real stone. Backsplashes made of faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tiles can resemble travertine and marble. 

Refinish Your Bathtub Rather than Replacing It

At least from a cost-savings aspect, bathtub replacement should be your final alternative. Try relining or refinishing instead. You can refinish your shower or bathtub if the issue is primarily aesthetic, such as a yellowed surface or a few fractures and nicks. 

In contrast, bathtubs and shower liners, which are never a permanent solution, are not as inexpensive as they appear. Liners require skilled installation and will last for several years. Instead, bathtub refinishing is typically less costly and more attractive. 

Renovate Cabinet Hardware

The purchase and installation of new bathroom cabinets can be costly. Removing and replacing the old hardware with new hardware is a much simpler and more cost-effective approach to breathing new life into your cabinets.

To simplify the procedure, ensure that the screw orientation of the new hardware matches the holes in your current cabinets before purchasing it. This avoids the need for new holes to be drilled. 

Replace the Sink Faucet

As with adding new cabinet hardware, designers and do-it-yourselfers may make a sink gleam without changing the entire top or vanity by installing a new sink faucet.

It is helpful that sink faucets are basic, straightforward, and quick to install on your own. There is no need to contact a plumber. This not only reduces labour expenses but also accelerates the schedule. It is as simple as picking up a sink faucet in the morning and having it operational by noon. 

Self-Paint Portions of the Interior

Even the least proficient do-it-yourselfer is capable of interior painting. However, due to the magnitude of painting an entire house, you may want to consider hiring a professional painter.

However, consider how little painting is required in restrooms. Mirrors, showers, tiling, cupboards, and bathtubs use the vast bulk of wall space. So, ultimately, you have only a few square feet to paint. Typically, you can paint this by yourself in one or two days. 

Design the Bathroom Yourself

While bathroom designers are excellent, they can significantly increase the cost of your renovations in Singapore. Instead, consider creating your own bathroom design.

Renovations of the entire house, expansions, and large kitchens might benefit from the knowledge of a professional designer. However, bathrooms in the majority of homes are not so complex.

Researching bathroom layouts and learning the fundamentals of bathroom design can provide you with several options to begin.