Clogged drains as well as obstructed pipes might begin as small issues but can rapidly intensify into significant issues and may require an emergency drain cleaning company to solve the problem. A clogged drain pipe can cause slow-moving water drain, flooding, rust, as well as in extreme situations, sewage backup and expensive repair services. Avoiding them begins with recognizing how the root causes of clogged-up drain pipes. Below are a few typical household reasons for blocked drains pipes as well as how you can prevent and repair them and when to call drain cleaning columbus oh.

  • HAIR

Hair is a large wrongdoer for drain clogs, as it can bind with grease, as well as other sticky compounds to create clogs. The best method to manage hair obstructions is to stop them from happening in the first place. Make sure all drains have guards to catch hair as well as clear these on a regular basis.

  • SOAP

You might wonder how soap can cause a blockage in your pipelines. Yet conventional soap bars are made with fat or grease. The fat in the soap combines with minerals in water as well as leaves a tough deposit, known as soap residue, that spots bath installations as well as obstructions pipelines. Switch to soap complimentary laundries and afterward have your pipes cleaned to remove traces of soap build-up.

  • DUST

You may think your drainpipe, as well as pipelines, are there for cleaning anything away. But while you wish to obtain excess dust off you as well as your garments, it can build up as well as trigger concerns in your drain pipes. Shake or rinse excess mud and dust off your clothes as well as your body outside prior to washing them inside.


Food waste ought to never go down the drainpipe, even when you have a waste disposal unit in your sink. Rather, established a composting stack to get rid of food waste. This is specifically essential for waste like tea leaves as well as coffee grounds that do not damage down. Various other foods to be careful of oil and grease as they will strengthen in the pipes as well as trigger an obstruction. Rather, absorb oil on a paper towel as well as toss it in the garden compost.


Minerals liquified in hard water can develop and create insoluble masses that will easily obstruct your drains pipes. One option is setting up a water conditioner for your house if hard water is an issue in your location. If that’s not an alternative, you will require to frequently descale as well as eliminate debris and build up. Mineral build-up blockages can be tough to get rid of as soon as developed, so call your expert plumbing technician if your drains pipes no longer appear to be flowing.