It is vital to use the bathroom, and many houses have a conventional toilet to assist all members in completing the task. That is, at least, how it is in the United States. In other nations, a bidet is a gadget that sprays water onto a person’s nether regions after they have relieved themselves.

Though not common in America, more homes are making the transition owing to the numerous advantages of a bidet. You may be contemplating one as well, as it is both hygienic and functional. However, like with any new equipment, some considerations must be made in order to select the best one.

You may use the following list as a reference while conducting your research and visiting various stores in person and online to find the best bidet.


Not all bidets are the same, nor do they use the same sort of electricity. To begin, you may choose between devices that are already linked to toilets and those that run independently. The primary distinction is that a toilet bidet works automatically, but a freestanding bidet requires you to adjust knobs and straddle the machine.

There is also the option of selecting an electric or nonelectric bidet. Electrical bidets are sometimes more expensive, but they have more possibilities, whereas nonelectric bidets only perform the most basic functions. So, while deciding between them, consider what you want from a bidet, which leads us to the next topic of discussion.


Different varieties of bidets have extra functionalities to provide you with the most incredible experience possible. Many come with air nozzles to assist you in drying yourself after being doused with water. This might imply that they also include an adjustment for changing the angle of the sprayer attachment.

Swan Toilets’ Swan S Pro includes all of these features and much more. Instead of depending on the remote control or your cell phone, the system works totally hands-free, allowing you to tailor the whole bathroom trip. This contains a seat warmer as well as a self-cleaning feature. The sensors that are on this toilet actually enable it to open and close without your intervention!

If you purchase a nonelectric bidet, these options are still available, but you must buy them separately and install them yourself. This can be more expensive and time-consuming at times, but it protects some individuals from acquiring extra features that they may not find helpful.


Since so many bidets have complex functions, you can bet that many of them are expensive. Even if any toilet is sure to be an expensive purchase, you want to ensure that it will not break the bank. Standalone bidets may be purchased for as low as $200, but all-in-one toilet bidets typically cost approximately $1,000. You must also consider installation expenses in this subject.

Do you have concerns about your budget yet want to ensure that you obtain a good product? That is what elevates the Swan S Pro. Swan Toilets realizes that customers have financial constraints and cannot always pay total charges upfront. If you want to buy their unique equipment, you may spend as little as $70 each month. If you purchase more than one of their toilets, you may save money on each one.

Given that the Swan S Pro also includes 37 different integrations, it’s no surprise that it’s a top contender in the bidet industry. The operating and installation manuals are also freely available on the Swan Toilets website, allowing you to prepare yourself before purchasing.

Bidets have long been the norm in other nations, but they are now making their way to the United States. If you want to be a part of this change, it’s time to get started and seek for one to put in your house. When purchasing, don’t forget to look at the Swan S Pro if you want style and creativity in one.