When you have a home that doesn’t look as good outside as it could, you need home exterior services. A home that has distressed areas and doesn’t look well cared for will be worth less and may attract negative attention from the neighborhood.

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you’re likely required to make the necessary changes to keep your home looking good. There are many things that can go wrong with the exterior of a home and require home repairs. It may be a storm that happened and caused the home damage, or it may simply be the age of the materials that’s making the home look old and poorly maintained.

New Roofing

If you have a leaking roof, or you can see by looking at it that there’s a problem with it, you need roof repair right away. If the roof is left in disrepair, it can allow moisture from dew, rain, snow, and ice. All of these sources of moisture can cause damage to the ceilings and walls of your home. It can also affect the flooring, ruining it. Martin & Sons LLC has an enormous amount of experience in fixing roofs as well as other home exterior services. They can also inspect your roof and tell you what’s wrong with it and what it needs to keep moisture out.

Home Siding

One of the most obvious signs of a hoe in distress is to see that the siding has damage to it. No matter what type of siding you have, it can eventually start to look worn and damaged. It may crack, chip, get holes in it, etc.

Often, the best cure is to get the damaged areas replaced. Replacing siding is great for the look of the building, but it can also protect the home against things like insect infestations and water. When the siding has a hole or cracks in it, water can get inside this damaged area and build up in between the siding and the building.

This can cause an enormous amount of damage to the home. Your siding is also usually the first thing people see when they look at your home. It needs to meet your standards to avoid embarrassment.


Many people don’t think much about their windows until there’s a problem with them, but windows are highly important. They make a big difference in the way a home looks, as well as supplying natural light to the home. Windows can get dated just like other areas of the home. They can also get damaged from age or a damaging event.

When you have problem windows, it’s likely that you need your windows to be replaced. You can get highly modern windows that can make your home look less dated. Replacing windows is also important to the condition of the home. Damaged windows can look awful on just about any home.


Next to the siding, the doors are likely the first thing that people notice about your home. Getting doors replaced is sometimes needed to get rid of the damage to one or more doors. Some types of doors show wear earlier than others. If you have a lot of damage to a door, this can also cause a security concern.

Get the Best Services

To get home exterior services in Florissant, MO, residents can have Martin & Sons LLC fix or replace the various exterior areas of their homes. Get your home looking great with the exterior services you need to be proud of your home again.