Finding inspiration for gardens has been a common pursuit for some time. Unlike the indoors, there is a great deal more to consider when putting together ideas for an outdoor space. In addition to choosing an aesthetic that suits your preference, there’s the significant consideration of weather and environment, meaning that designs must suit not one setting but many.

This doesn’t mean, however, that outdoor spaces should be neglected or kept barren. In fact, with gardens adding greater value to a home year after year, inspiration for an exciting or useful garden design is even easier to find than ever before.

Introduce Furniture

From cosy dining sets to bespoke cast iron benches, garden furniture does well to bring utility to an outdoor space and style. Many residents choose to create dining areas that can be enjoyed, while others opt for sun loungers or hammocks, focusing on the potential for summer comforts.

Regardless of your intentions, it is simply important to choose furniture based on climate. If its design is not suited for all weather conditions then it may not be appropriate for your outdoor space in the long term.

Growing Space

There is a growing culture of transforming gardens into homestead spaces, whereby residents are swapping lawns for vegetable patches and seeking to fill their kitchen with homegrown produce. One of the main advantages of cultivating a space of produce and ingredients, growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs, is that gardens then become useful even when not occupied.

Home Office

With a growing culture of remote working, residents are increasingly looking to create office spaces within their homes. Unfortunately, many residential living spaces don’t always have that flexibility, which is why many are turning to outbuildings established in their garden spaces instead. These structures, such as log cabins, while being utilised as a professional space at home, can still be aesthetically pleasing, fitting into the natural landscape to compliment an environment’s aesthetic.

Host A Pond

There are many ways to welcome wildlife into a garden space but few are as relaxing, or as suitable for the zen aesthetic, than a pond. These timeless designs can be home to various aquatic life while also being styled in appealing ways, often with various sounds too, those that make for an ideal environment to relax in. There’s also an immense satisfaction to be found in creating a sustainable ecosystem at home.

Optimising Storage

Gardens can be a great place to store equipment and tools, especially for those with outdoorsy hobbies, such as biking or surfing. The responsibility of storage does not, however, need to fall entirely upon a garden shed. In fact, there are many creative ways to create suitable shelters and racks for stylish equipment storage elsewhere in the garden too.

Environmental Support

Gardens, by their very nature, can be conducive to sustainability at home. From collecting rainwater to harnessing sunlight, the addition of a few assets can transform a garden into an environmental space that works for the home, saving money and supporting the reduction of carbon footprints.