There are different types and styles that you can consider to elevate your home design and transform any room. From French and contemporary to Scandinavian and mid-century modern home interior styles, the options are plenty. There’s a style for every preference, so whether you’re looking for a large-scale remodeling or some simple revamping, here are popular interior design looks. 

Modern Interior Design Style

As laymen, people always confuse modern and contemporary to be the same. Modern interiors cater to a specific period of time, whereas contemporary is ever-evolving. Modern interior is a mix of mid-century modern, post-modern design, and Scandinavian. In this type of décor, the furniture is sleek and built on straight lines. In UAE you’ll find many furniture shops that give importance to craftsmanship, functional furniture, and comfort. Shops like the WOODGreen Company provide options to buy furniture online anywhere in the UAE, be it Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. In modern interiors the décor is kept minimal and it’s common to see bold patterns, colorful accents, and straight-line furniture. 

Transitional Interior Design Style 

Transitional is perhaps the most popular style in interior designing, providing a medium place between traditional and contemporary. If traditional or antique seem too stuffy to you and too much contemporary is out of your comfort zone, then transitional offers a perfect fusion of the two styles. Blend traditional elegance with contemporary textiles and minimal furniture to create a homey and stylish look. Nail the look with simple hard wood dining table and adding a mix of dining chairs, blending rattan chairs with upholstered, cushioned chairs. There are many ways to buy dining chairs online, choosing from a wide variety and design options that cater to different tastes. 

Traditional Interior Design Style

Despite the changing trends in interiors, there are still so many people who prefer traditional interior design. This includes dark wood tables and chairs with ornated details and rich textures like velvet, suede, and silk. Florals, plaid, lines, and damask add to the glamour, along with the addition of crystal and chandeliers. European décor has always influenced traditional interior design with its neutral color palette, matching furniture sets, and a pop of color here and there. Big floral arrangements and oil painting are also a huge part of traditional design. 

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Create a rich interior through carefully selected items from diverse range of styles, bringing together different eras and ideas. In eclectic, contrasting style elements come together such as textures, colors, and material to come up with something unique. A rather bold type of interior design, it focuses on keeping the walls neutral as vibrant accents are given through accessories, rugs, and furniture. The décor includes many focal points, keeping the balance between colors and textures. 

The design styles are abundant, and each is unique to help you find the perfect fit for your home. Before you start working on your interior design plans, consider reliable sources for references and can even consider professional guidance.