If you are looking to impress guests with your newly decorated house, the best way to do it is to pay attention to the entrance. The first thing that people notice when they visit you is your home’s entrance. To help you pack a lot of style into your foyer, hire a Philadelphia interior decorator, Susan Hopkins

Entryway design ideas for making a good first impression

  • Funky entryway chairs. 

Almost all houses have a place near their entrance to take off or put things as people get in and out of the house. Some people keep benches, others keep stools, while others keep a chair. If you want to snatch your guests’ attention as soon as they enter your place, keep a couple of funky and unique chairs at the entrance. 

  • Light it up. 

Everyone loves great lighting. Fixing eye-catching lighting at your entrance sure does add brightness to your place and gives your entrance a dramatic look. You can go for any kind of lighting you like, such as lamps, pendant lighting, sconces, or even chandeliers. 

  • Invest in a good welcome mat. 

You may have seen door mats saying “Welcome” or similar things. Well, those are out of style now. If you have an old doormat, it is time to change it. If you have not bought a mat yet, invest in a uniquely-styled antique rug or something else that suits the tone of your house. 

  • Use bold colors. 

You may use neutral colors in the other parts of the house, but using bold colors in your entrance can make a good first impression. You can even hang a few wall accessories to give it a pop of color and patterns. 

  • An oversized art piece. 

Big pieces of art have always been chic for all the right reasons. Putting an oversized piece of art at your entrance will not only grab your guest’s attention the minute they set foot inside your house, but it will also always set a dramatic tone that leaves a lasting impression. You can hire an interior designer to choose the best art for your house. 

  • Place potted plants. 

A bit of greenery does not hurt anyone. Plants can add colors to your place and keep the air fresh. To provide an inviting smell, you can pick specific plants known for their beautiful smells, such as lavender, jasmine, gardenias, etc. 

If you are still confused about which design would suit your entrance the best, you can always reach out to a professional for help.