Let’s talk about tables! We’re very sure that you are only aware of one type of table. The truth is there are more than twenty kinds of tables. 

Having a table at home, in a cafeteria, in the office, and even in an art class is a necessity. If you don’t have a surface to place objects on – it will be difficult to do different tasks. 

Here’s a quick post that talks about the five different kinds of coffee tables. Let’s take a quick look! 

#1 Coffee tables 

Coffee tables are generally used in living rooms and any other seating area. You have to place it in front of a chair or a sofa. People place drinks, coffee table things, food, and other objects on this. You get all kinds of coffee tables – wooden, glass-top, metal, and marble. 

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Place a planter in the middle or stacked up novels. Coffee tables are aesthetically pleasing and there are many designs to choose from. 

#2 Side Table 

The side table is kept at the side of the bed or living room. 

If you want to have easy access to objects, place them on the side table. Never place the mobile phone near your head – always keep it at the side table. 

#3 Console Table 

Console tables are narrow, long, and have a tall height too. You can place planters, flower vases, and other objects on the table. 

Console tables look great near the entry gate or even a separate space in the living room. This is where you can keep decorating pieces like big statuses and vases with pretty flowers. 

#4 C-table 

A C-table can swivel around and it has a unique C-shape too. These tables look beautiful on a bed, couch, or chair. 

You can place it on the surface and read a book and sip some coffee. It is a great table for holding things while you are laying on the bed or on a sofa. 

#5 Bunching tables 

Bunching tables are fun and they look really good in contemporary homes. It’s basically two tables stacked up together. It gives a geometric and industrial look. 

If you have a space-challenged home, this table is great. You could get this in marble, metal, and other materials. 

Concluding Thoughts 

There are different kinds of tables, and these were just five kinds. You can get most of these on Elegant Tables Canada. 

They have high-quality and good-looking tables. You will be pleased with the collection.