It doesn’t matter how impressive a properly maintained home is from the curb perspective. A poorly maintained roof, covered in debris or heavy moss can give even the most beautiful looking house a demeaning appearance. However, a bad appearance isn’t the only problem because moss can destroy the roof beyond repair. Roof cleaning in Waikato helps property owners to keep their roofs clean and in good condition.

Roof Cleaning in Waikato To Prevent Moss Growth

Moss feeds and gets nutrients from the surfaces of the shingles and slates. The roof surface is etched and if something isn’t done quickly, the roof deteriorates, tiny recesses and cracks form on the otherwise smooth surface. When that happens, water starts seeping through the tiles. Deterioration will accelerate during the winter season when the ambient temperature decreases below zero, moisture freezes, and turns to ice.

After the natural ice expansion, small cracks widen and the shingles begin flaking and falling apart. This deterioration of the roof is referred to as blown shingle or weathering. So, it makes perfect sense to keep your roof clean and moss-free. Cleaning will also keep other foot fungi levels under control and help you avoid expensive repairs or even roof replacement.

Roof Cleaning Methods

There are many ways to get rid of moss from your roof shingles. However, the most popular and cost-effective technique is gently pressure washing the tiles with low-pressure cleaning systems. Once all the moss, fungi, and algae have been extracted, the roof is then left to dry. The next course of action is to spray the roof with an effective and suitably bio-degradable fungicide to eliminate any remaining spores that may have survived the pressure washing.

One of the most suitable and economical fungicide washes is a mixture of ferrous oxide and water mixed in the ratio of 1 to 5. Eliminating all the moss on the roof of your property ought not to be viewed as simply a cosmetic make-over. Getting rid of most on a heavily infested roof is much more than only a cosmetic make-over. This is complicated and risky work that should only be left to professionals.

We don’t recommend DIY approaches. By hiring expert roof cleaning services, you’ll be sure that thorough work will be done on your roof. The professionals will remove the moss and any other undesirables and make sure that any remaining moss spores are eliminated by treating the roof with fungicides wash. This washing will also stop any further growth.

Professional services are a worthy step to take because they will increase the lifespan of your roof and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Benefits of Contracting Professional Roof Cleaning

As mentioned, cleaning moss from the roof is a dangerous task that should be left to experts. Inexperienced homeowners should avoid trying it on their own. Experienced roof cleaning services providers are knowledgeable on carrying out such tasks and have the necessary equipment such as ropes, ladders, safety harnesses, etc.

Another benefit of hiring a professional roof cleaning company is that you’re likely to get other forms of exterior cleaning as well. Most of these roof cleaning companies also specialize in other cleaning services such as gutter cleaning, patio and driveway cleaning, deck renovation, repairs, and tarmac paint. It’s easy to find a good company today thanks to the power of the internet.

You just need to type a keyword like a roof cleaning company on your favorite search engine. You’ll find several results and from there you can choose reputable companies near you. You must deal with a local company when it comes to your home improvement projects. Roof cleaning in Waikato is a popular home improvement project and it’s easy to find a good company that offers the service at a reasonable cost.