While you want to let natural light into your home during summer, you’ll be just as keen to keep UV rays out. It’s the Ultra Violet radiation within the sun’s energy that causes damage to anything it touches – from your skin to your furniture.

There are three types of UV rays – UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Of these, only UV-A and UV–B penetrate the earth’s protective layer in the atmosphere.  UV-B rays can cause damage to your skin after exposure to the sun, and it takes just a few minutes for this type of UV radiation no have an effect. For all that, UV-B rays are not strong enough to come through the glass in your windows and damage your furniture and other precious items. The main culprit in this respect is UV-A. These rays penetrate through glass easily, and when unfiltered, they soon begin to degrade and damage any of the surfaces they shine on.

When they do, they are capable of inflicting a lot of harm and that includes fading your furniture, your curtains and your carpet. This occurs through a process called photodegradation; this describes the actions of the sun’s UV rays as they break down many of the chemicals in the dyes that are commonly used in furnishings and flooring. When photodegradation causes those chemicals to break down, the colour begins to fade and is not able to be restored.

A light-filled room is a delight but, until recently, with the light came UV-A rays. However, advances in technology have seen the introduction of sunscreen blinds. They are capable of reducing heat and glare while still offering a full view out of the window – and at the same time, they can keep out a huge amount of UV-A rays. As an uncovered window allows 40-50% of UV energy to filter through the glass, the installation of sunscreen blinds can make a huge difference.

Window blinds have always been the best way to protect your home from UV rays. But many of the conventional blinds were very much of the blackout variety or made with fabrics that blocked out the more pleasant aspects of the sun’s light. On the other hand, today’s sunscreen roller blinds allow light into the space but stop up to 97% of UV-A rays from entering a home, making it so much easier to maintain the colour of your furniture, curtains and floors. With an installed sunscreen roller blind, heat can also be well regulated, and annoying light reflection on TV and computer screens can be greatly reduced.

Sunscreen roller blinds are made from a special material that boasts a high resistance to UV fade damage and is able to reduce heat and light glare. Sunscreen blinds are versatile and can be used in any room of the house, as well as in offices and in other workplaces. They’re worth checking out if you want to let the good light in and keep the bad light out.