Murano Glass Goblets, made with accurate precision and ultimate level of mastery from the island of Murano near Venice with an old traditional technique of glassmaking that is unmatched everywhere, can surely uplift your home decoration game.

Collection of some scarce minerals like cobalt, river pebbles is what goes into the formation of these richly made Murano Glass Goblets, which all go in ultra-high temperatures when the furnaces are lit up to utilize the age-old blowing technique for different design molds to be provided to it, the process is similar to what it was in the 16th century which is why the prestige is well preserved up till now.

Every Murano Glass Goblet has been through a rigorous process of craftsmanship that takes time to become a ready-made product; every craft is different as different designers have distinct styles of making them.

These rich historic home decor art pieces are and have been at the pinnacle of glassmaking, relating to Venetian glassmaking, which dominated and led the revolution in the worldwide glass producing industry so much so that it became a symbol of pride to have these in your houses back in the day as it got portrayed as an exceptionally high-class collector’s item; just like Murano Glass Goblets are as well these days.

The best thing about Murano Glass Goblets is that they determine different occasional happenings towards the theme followed by the home decoration that needs to be followed or simply determines different moods for various settings in your house.

Whether it’s a special event like valentines, then you cannot go wrong with our Canaletto collectible red classic goblet; perhaps it’s saint Patricks day for your Irish friends, then Lamorak green medieval goblet is an item which is a perfect match for you, maybe it’s informal get together for you millennials then an orange Vasanzio classic depicts the youthly enthusiasm for that setting, it could be that you are looking for something unique, something that has versatility yet eye-catching then you can look at the Endie Clear Decorative Glass Goblet, one of our limited edition and exceptional stocks on our listings that you can avail for your house, other than this there ample of options to choose from that suffices multiple home decorative needs of yours like blown glass goblets or even art glass goblets.

We are the for all of your Murano Glass needs that you may think of, having every type of Venetian glass type, especially Murano Glass Goblets, all 100 percent original and trademarked of origin directly from Venice, Italy; these high-quality art pieces that we take pride to provide you in place of automated counterfeit products readily available in the market, neither having the match ability factor nor satisfying decorative purposes, it is carefully packaged and sent worldwide that is not prone to any damages, and it also includes full refund. The returns policy applies to all purchases you make with us on our website.