Shifting to a new house is not a small thing because it is not about just relocation. It is also about checking whether there is structural damage due to termites. Before moving to your new house, hence becomes very important to call professionals for a home termite inspection to find out the percentage of damage.

Termites damaging a home

According to data, termites are responsible for causing more than $5 billion of property damage every year and are known as ‘silent destroyers.’

They can easily chew up the flooring, wood, and even the wallpaper. You can find millions of termites in their colonies based on the species. Usually, the areas of the home that are more prone to termite action are slab foundations, areas where wood gets dirty and inapproachable spaces. 

Termite inspection before buying a new home

In general, the cost of termite damage repair costs thousands of dollars based on the wood eaten by the termites, the location of the damaged area, and the size of termite colonies. It signifies that there is a need for termite inspection before moving to the home. Many times, a termite inspection becomes important to accomplish an estate transaction. 

A termite inspection is actually quite different from a standard home inspection because the professionals try to assess the condition of the home’s physical structure first. You can check the signs of termite damage in form of swollen floors and ceilings and buckling wood that can easily get damaged by slight water damage. Another thing to be noted is an odor that is similar to mold or mildew. 

Professionals are here to help you with termite inspection

After the complete inspection, the homeowner will get a cost estimate about eliminating the termites. A pest control company like Guardian Pest Control comes into the role of providing a complete termite treatment. The process ranges from spraying insecticides to fumigation for destroying the termites in your home. Once the process gets complete, the homeowners can check the damages and the team is always ready to work upon if still there any damages. Contact us immediately if you discover the damage caused by the termites and do visit