You need the power to keep your house functioning properly. All of this necessary electricity, whether used for appliances or lights, comes from a single source called a breaker box or electric panel. It divides into many circuits for use throughout the house and serves as the hub for voltage. These devices frequently operate without trouble, but if a problem arises—for example, a power surge—they can leave you in the dark.

While you might believe that losing power is the worst that can happen, a broken breaker box can have a number of additional, sometimes more dangerous, effects. You should never attempt an electrical repair on your own; instead, call a professional in electrical repair in Salt Lake City, UT. To avoid the following problems, get in touch with Orange Electric for the most dependable help.

Costly Energy Bills

You might believe that a damaged breaker box cannot increase your utility costs, but this is wrong. Even if you could notice a drop in power usage across your appliances, energy is still being consumed. Your breaker box’s purpose is to regulate voltage utilization; if it fails in this, things may go awry. A given appliance may become overrun even if you almost ever use it because of the damaged panel. Your aggravation and bewilderment will increase as your monthly payments rapidly accumulate.

Defective Appliances

Your appliances could completely malfunction because they could start to overrun. Faulty wiring in the panels could also produce power surges. More delicate items like washers, dryers, and laptops may become beyond repair with any issue. Given that they are frequently your more expensive products, this could represent a significant investment for you.


The worst problem you could experience is a fire or explosion. Your panels are packed with wires, and as those wires start to fray, sparks may start to fly. If these sparks come into contact with combustible substances like wood or insulation, they may ignite into fires. In a matter of seconds, your house could catch fire. You run the danger of suffering severe property damage in addition to maybe dying. Over 50,000 fires are reportedly started by electrical fires in the US annually.

Symptoms of Dysfunction

Knowing the most evident warning signs of a problem is the best method to defend your house from any of the aforementioned threats. You can call for assistance more quickly if you do this:

Corrosion is starting to happen on your electric panel. This may indicate that the interior components are also deteriorating with age, which is common.

Keep an ear out for any loud or annoying sounds coming from the panel. This can indicate that the wiring is coming undone.

In order to determine whether there are excessive currents causing your panel to fail, look for overheating.

Electrical panels are both fragile and dangerous. Thus they should never be repaired by a do-it-yourselfer. Orange Electric is your finest option for maintaining the security of your house.

Why Customers Pick Orange Electric

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, electrical work requires extensive training. The team at Orange Electric is always updating its knowledge on the latest cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of all of its clients. They can respond quickly even in emergency situations because of this.

When you call for electric panel repairs, a professional will visit your house and carefully inspect your system. They can fix the wiring and troubleshoot the panel, in addition to replacing outdated systems with more cost-effective alternatives. This is frequently advised for your safety.

There is much more to home safety than just a security system. The most crucial fixtures and appliances that contribute to the functionality and comfort of your home can be kept operating with the aid of a well-functioning electric panel. The moment you hear or see any signs of problems, call Orange Electric right away.