A stone restoration company refers to a company that offers services related to the cleaning, sealing, and polishing of stone. They usually have specialist professionals that perform the process with specialized equipment. 

You may need to call a stone restoration company for repairing or cleaning reasons. There are several services that usually stone restoration companies provide and we are going to take a look at these services.  

Before we go ahead and discuss the services provided by these companies, you might want to know where these services can be applied to. Stone restoration services can be done on floors, walls, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, showers, garages, and a few more places depending on different companies. 

Let us take a look at the basic services most of the companies offer. 

Stone Restoration

The process of refining, restoring, repairing, and polishing dull and damaged stones is known as stone restoration. It can be done polished or matte depending on the client’s needs and preferences. There can be many reasons why you might want to have stone restoration done. The most common reason may include enhancement of the appearance of floors, walls, and countertops. 

Stain Treatment

Stones after being installed go through many factors that result in the occurrence of visible stains. These stains not only look bad but also degrade and deteriorate the quality of the stones as well. To get rid of unwanted and ugly stains from the stone, this treatment is provided. Stone stain removal is a simple task when done correctly. 

Cleaning and Sealing

The process of corrosion of the upper layer of stone with time is bound to happen. This leads the stone to lose its shine and luster and become dull. Not just this, but factors like pollution and accumulated dust make the stone look old and dirty. With the process of cleaning, the natural shine of stones is restored. This process is a deep-cleansing process that is very different from the cleaning that you might do in your daily life. It is much more effective as well.  


Stones might need various kinds of repairs. The requirement for repair occurs due to damages. Damages such as chips, holes, and broken corners of counterparts are common. Another type of damage fixing is granite crack repair. There are numerous unknown reasons why a stone can be damaged but the constant one is time. Many things happen over a course of time that lead to stone repair requirements. 


There are various kinds of stones that are installed in different houses. These stones might include granite, marble, slate, brick, flagstone, travertine, quartzite, porcelain tile, Mexican tile, ceramic tile, and more. Every stone that can be installed in houses has the tendency to be repaired. However, some companies might not provide services suitable for all these kinds of stones. 

There are a few more services that are offered by stone restoration companies. You can check them out according to your needs and preferences.