If you have cracks in your concrete, the solution is to resurface it. There are several steps involved in resurfacing a cracked concrete driveway. First, it’s important to recognize that the crack is not necessarily caused by the weight of vehicles or pedestrians on the driveway. Cracks can form from various causes, including freeze-thaw cycles, water damage and poor construction.

If you don’t have time for DIY, or if you do not think you have what it takes resurface cracking on your concrete, then you can contact concrete contractor to do the work for you. 

Steps for Resurfacing Cracked Concrete Driveway:

Step 1: Check for cracks 

Check for cracks in your driveway by looking for evidence of moisture or moisture-related problems such as pools of standing water that may indicate a leaky pipe or basement wall behind the concrete slab. Repair these problems before proceeding with resurfacing with the help of concrete accessories boise, id.

If no visible signs of water damage are present, then you will need to check for cracks in your driveway using a handheld metal detector wand instead of an optical one; this will give you more accurate results than using an optical wand alone due to reflection off concrete surfaces (which can make it difficult to determine if there are any cracks). Use an angle grinder with diamond blade attachment to remove any large cracks in the surface before proceeding further with resurfacing procedures.

Step 2: Clean the cracked surface 

Clean the surface of your concrete, removing any dirt or debris before you begin working on it. Use a wire brush to remove any dirt, rust and grease from the concrete surface.

Step 3: Spray the cracked surface with an epoxy prime 

In order to resurface cracking concrete, spray the cracked surface with an epoxy primer and allow it to dry completely before applying another layer of epoxy resin over it. Allow this second layer of epoxy resin to dry overnight before continuing with the next step in your resurfacing process.

Step 4: Pour epoxy resin onto the cracked surface 

Pour a thin layer of epoxy resin onto your cracked concrete surface and allow it to dry overnight before applying another thin layer over it again. Repeat this step until all cracks are filled with epoxy resin and then allow them to dry overnight again before moving on to the next step in your resurfacing process. 

Step 5: Seal the epoxy resin with topcoats 

Wait 24 hours after applying the epoxy resin-based product before applying topcoats, which will seal in all of the epoxy resin-based product’s benefits and protect your repaired area against future damage.