If you’re struggling with mice pest control naperville il, follow some basic residential pest control tips and tricks to keep these pesky creatures out. Pests love to feed on trash, so try to keep your home clean and trash cans closed. Keep pet food covered, and remove any uneaten food from your home. Pyrid aerosol is a low-risk pesticide that you can use when you notice signs of infestation. Read on for some tips to keep pests out.

Proper landscaping prevents pests from entering your home

Landscape design is essential for keeping pests out of your property. Pests thrive in environments that provide moisture and food. Without proper landscaping, pests can easily spread throughout the property and even infiltrate your home. Proper landscaping can prevent pest infestations from occurring and will save you a great deal of money in the long run. Listed below are some tips for landscape design that will keep pests away.

Bay leaf is a natural deterrent

Bay leaf is an inexpensive, natural deterrent for bugs that infest homes. If you want to keep the bugs away, you can add fresh bay leaves to grains, flour, and oatmeal. Place them in your pantry, and the smell will deter roaches, earwigs, and mice. Putting a few in small containers, like a cereal bowl, will also keep them out.

Steel wool in cracks and crevices

Installing steel wool in cracks and crevices around your home is an excellent way to prevent rodents. Steel wool is flexible and strong, and it can be pushed into a variety of shapes and sizes. The sharp edges of the steel wool make them unappealing for rodents. Moreover, this material is nontoxic, making it the ideal choice for residential pest control.

Pyrid Aerosol is a low-risk pesticide

This low-risk pesticide is often applied to homes to kill insects. Various studies have found varying levels of risk from low-dose chronic pesticide exposure to developmental neurotoxicity. One study examined the effects of a pesticide aerosol on fetuses exposed to it. Another study found low-dose chronic exposure to Pyrid aerosol to increase the risk of birth defects.

Keeping your home clean

Keeping your home clean is critical for residential pest control. Many pests like dark, damp spaces. Cleaning your kitchen and other surfaces daily will help prevent the spread of pests and their eggs. Regular cleaning can also help you identify any entry points for insects and bugs. Outside, you should keep your lawn trimmed and your foliage a good 15 feet away from the house. Proper drainage is important both inside and outside your building.