When you are first looking to purchase a property, things can be overwhelming. Especially given the vast amount of property choices in today’s market. Many estate agents Chelmsford based branches will all have formed different opinions on the type of property that is best. But how do Victorian properties rank among the rest? Many people fall in love with their incredible charm, but are they practical? We look at some of the pros and cons of purchasing a Victorian property, below.

The pros of purchasing a Victorian property

Victorian properties have a variety of plus points when it comes to purchasing for investment or residential purposes. These include: –

More living space than some other properties – Victorian properties often offer a large amount of living space, thanks to their spacious rooms and sprawling layouts. This makes them a good fit for use as large family homes. They are also easily converted into two different apartments, offering good investment potential for landlords.

High ceilings – the high ceilings in Victorian properties make rooms feel grand and spacious. Show them off with extravagant chandeliers and pendant lighting.

Cool in the summer months – this property type is cool and calm in the stifling heat of the summer months. You won’t need to install air conditioning and temperatures will usually remain comfortable.

Large potential to personalise and renovate – there is great scope for adding your own stamp on Victorian properties. Large and impressive hallways offer the perfect place to hang oversized artwork or to paint dark and dramatic colours.

The cons of purchasing a Victorian property

Victorian properties can also come with what many people may deem as negative points. Some of these include: –

Cold and draughty in the winter months – being an older style of property, you may find that insulation is lacking in some rooms. Suspended floors and hundreds of little nooks and crannies are the perfect place for cold air to penetrate.

Damp and condensation issues – be prepared for your property to require some level of damp-proofing over time. Your surveyor will be able to pick up on any immediate issues, but this type of home is notoriously damp. Consider installing air-flow units if condensation is a major problem.

May require modernisation – there may be some areas that will require modernisation. This could include re-wiring the electrics or adding a new boiler.

Old fashioned windows – some older style houses still have their original sash windows. These will usually need replacing to efficiently retain heat during the colder months.

Is a Victorian property right for me?

In short, if you don’t mind tackling a little bit of work here and there, a Victorian property could be a great fit for you. If you do your research first and ensure that you have a full survey completed, you could certainly find your perfect forever home.