Granite countertops have been the standard for home kitchens. Recently, quartz is becoming a significantly popular choice among homeowners. With various styles, long-lasting durability, and other benefits, quartz countertops are becoming favorable, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. Installing quartz countertops is an excellent addition and adds value to the property. Henceforth, the right Quartz supplier plays a vital role.

Strong and durable

Quartz countertops are made of 90% quartz stone and 10% colored pigments and binding polymers. The high percentage of quartz makes the countertops significantly hard and long-lasting. Durability is vital when choosing kitchen countertops and bathroom wash basin countertops. Furthermore, quartz can resist stains, scratches, and chips. Because of its toughness, there is nothing to bother about replacing or repairing the cracks and chips.


Quartz is engineered with a non-porous surface. This indicates that a quartz countertop won’t have any cracks and holes through which liquid spills and liquids can soak in. This is one of the highlights of quartz that has made it a favorable countertop stone. Compared to porous countertops, quartz counterparts are more resistant to stains and spills of different types of liquid and oil. Since there are no holes or cracks, bacteria, germs, and viruses cannot breed. The non-porous and smooth surface can be cleaned easily, making it more hygienic.

A wide array of styles

Since quartz is man-made, it can be engineered in various colors and designs. The plethora of quartz countertops available is excellent to match the home’s décor in a specific manner. This is particularly helpful when a homeowner seeks a particular color pattern. One can get hold of countertops ranging from natural brown to dark black, lime green, and others. Additionally, depending on the design and style one prefers, one can opt for a matte or shiny finish. Thus, getting in touch with a reputed Quartz supplier is vital.

Uniform appearance and feel

Natural stones often have variations in texture and color. There is no assurance of uniform color, pattern, and appearance. It might not bother some, but several others desire a countertop with a uniform appearance and feel. Hence, the rising popularity of quartz countertops manufactured to give a seamless appearance and feel. The consistency in color, texture, and color throughout the countertop increases the aesthetic appeal of the home décor.

Excellent long-term investment

There are multiple reasons why quartz countertops are considered a significant investment.

  •   Minimal maintenance
  •   High durability
  •   Smoother finish with a non-porous surface
  •   Variety of styles and designs
  •   Increasing popularity


The durability assures that quartz countertops last for years without the need to fix or replace them. Additionally, it also means that it is cost-effective as additional expenses are not required once the countertop is installed. Investing in such counterparts is today’s trend and can instantly increase the property’s selling value. The benefits of quartz countertops make it easy for homeowners and interior designers to prefer quartz to granite and other precious stones. Hence, there is also a rise in the Quartz supplier and vendors.