When we think of winters, we think of snuggling up with a warm drink and watching the snowfall. Just something about that thought is comforting. This comfort is added by the air heating system. Having an efficient and effective heating system makes Canada’s harsh winters bearable. If you are looking for heating solutions, Air Makers will help you to find the right one. If you are specifically looking to get a forced-air furnace, they will help you from the selection process to installation, repair and maintenance. They provide their customers with all-around solutions. Following are the essential components of a forced-air furnace.


It is a crucial element of any heating or cooling system. It detects the home’s temperature and communicates it to the furnace through electrical circuits. The thermostat is the one that provides the furnace with instructions on when to be turned on and the preferred temperature.


The ducts are the veins of the heating system. They work to draw the cool air from the room and replace it with warm air. The transportation of air is carried out through the ducts. You must get the ducts inspected every two to five years. Carrying out proper maintenance will help to prevent duct breakage or blockage. Maintaining the ducts is crucial otherwise the repair work might end up costing you a lot of money. In some cases, you might even have to buy a new furnace.


As the furl is ignited in the burners, they are enclosed. The burner operates very closely with the thermostat. If you set a higher temperature, then the thermostat will send a burner a signal to burn more fuel to produce more heat. Each burner has an inbuilt flame sensor. This is a necessary safety feature. If the burner doesn’t sense any flame, then it automatically shuts the supply, preventing any gas leakage.

Heat Exchanger

This is a star component as this is what makes the air in the room warm and cosy, the way you want it to be. The heat exchanger is made of metal tubing. This tubing holds the cold air and starts to warm it up by making use of radiant heating technology. The cool air which had entered the tubes now exits as warm air. This heated air is distributed evenly throughout your home.

Blower Fan

A blower fan is a good indicator of the heating system working well. When the forced-air system is on, the fan works to move the air. This movement is what pushes the warm air through the ducts. This will eventually warm up your room.


The heating system makes use of the furnace to warm up the house. There is going to be combustion gases which you need to get rid of. Flue does that. It works to get rid of all the combustion gases, which arise when the fuel is burnt. This part of the heating system requires regular and frequent maintenance. Otherwise, it can start to clog or leak. This leakage can pose a significant threat to your family’s health.