One of the most frustrating woes we can deal with in our homes is a clogged drain. Whether it be in our sinks, showers, or toilets, these issues can become nuisances if not taken care of quickly. In fact, if the clog festers for too long, it can lead to flooding or burst pipes.

While not all clogs may be your fault, there are steps you can take to make the problem occur less often. The following are just a few tips of advice that you should keep in mind. However, if a clog is giving you constant trouble, don’t hesitate to call in help from Valley Plumbing. Their drain cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT, will keep your home running smoothly for a long time.

Be Aware of What You Flush

Your toilet is one of the most used appliances in your home. Each person in your household is bound to use them a few times a day, so they are constantly running. Because of this, they are often one of the most common victims of a clog. If you reach for the plunger often, there might be a lot of issues in its drain system.

Toilets are built to flush toilet paper and waste only, as their drains are usually only two or three inches in diameter. Items that are harder to break down will get stuck in the system. Make sure that you are steering clear of flushing diapers, feminine hygiene products, or paper towels. If you have small children, keep the lid closed so that they do not try to throw toys into the bowl, either.

Install Drain Screens

When showering or taking a bath, it is common for some of our hair to come out as we get clean. While this might not seem like a big deal, those strands can amass together in our drains and form a big mass. When too big, the hairball will block your drain. This can also happen in your bathroom sink when you brush your hair or shave.

One way to prevent having to clean up a wet clump of hair is by getting drain strainers placed. Drain screens function as fine sieves that fit over the openings of water drains, capturing hairs and other debris and preventing it from entering the pipe. The advantage of this approach is that the screen can be easily removed and cleaned, as opposed to having to delve into pipes or pour chemicals down your drains to clear a clog.

Know What’s in Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are beneficial for those who are constantly cooking. These gadgets help to break down scraps like eggshells and peels that might fall into the sink. However, sometimes people need to be more careful about what else travels into them. Harder items like fruit pits or bones are too tricky for disposal to handle and can cause the blades to break.

Make sure that you don’t let these items sit in your sink to avoid a catastrophe from happening. Dispose of them in your trashcan immediately. The same should also be done with any old grease or fats, as they will harden as they sit and cause a blockage. You can pour them into an old container or carton for the safest disposal method.

Get Professional Cleanings

Although many clogs can be taken care of with the help of a trusty plunger or auger, it is always a wise idea to get experts involved with your drain cleaning. Although you might think calling a plumber is more costly, it actually saves you money in the long run. By getting regular drain cleanings, you will avoid more severe breakdowns in your pipes that would require bigger repairs or total replacements.

Valley Plumbing is the go-to team for residents of Salt Lake City, Bountiful, and Lehi, UT. When they come into your home, they will take time and use their keen eye to detect the source of your problems. Because they care about keeping your pipes safe from further damage, they never use chemical cleaning products in their method.

Outside of regular checkups, Valley Plumbing is happy to help you in the midst of an emergency, thanks to offering 24/7 emergency services, too. They know your time is important and won’t let you sit around forever.

Even though most clogs are minor, having to deal with one can be a waste of your time. By staying cautious and with help from Valley Plumbing, you can ensure that your drains remain clear of problems for a longer period of time.