The finish on your cabinets can get worn, damaged, or discolored over time. Over the years, cabinets will begin to look unsightly and worn-down due to cooking mishaps or ordinary wear and tear. 

Many homeowners believe that their only alternative is to completely remove the cabinets and replace them with new ones. However, they have an alternative option in a kitchen cabinet refacing Fountain Valley.

Cabinet refacing can give your kitchen cabinets a new look without the hefty cost and time commitment that comes with a complete demo and reinstallation. You’ll also have more choice over the cabinets’ design, color, and finish, giving the kitchen a more personalized appeal.

For example, replacing the door hardware on your kitchen cabinets is a more discreet approach to get a fresher look. Small elements like doorknobs, hinges, and pull tabs can make a significant difference in a kitchen’s overall appearance. This is a terrific alternative if you’re not a painter and want a quick and easy answer.

If the doors are still functional and overall good, you can also have them professionally painted. Hiring a kitchen cabinet refacing Pasadena company can give you that dramatic makeover without the hassle of doing it yourself. Professional painters will frequently remove cabinet doors for painting at their facilities to produce the smoothest finish possible in an environment free of dust and other airborne particles.

Another revamping strategy is installing a pull-out shelf in one of your base cabinets to make the most of your storage space. Pull-out shelves are designed to look like a drawer that slides out to provide quick access to objects placed in the cabinet’s rear.

Finally, you can also add cabinet lighting for a glowy kitchen effect. Undercabinet lighting units are typically very easy to retrofit behind upper wall cabinets. They can flood the tabletop in bright white light, illuminating kitchen activities and making them safer.

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