Conveyancing is the legal term for the transfer of property ownership from one person to another. In the United Kingdom, the process is regulated by strict rules and procedures, and it is essential that it is carried out by a qualified professional.

There are many conveyancing solicitors in the UK, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. One of the ways to find a reputable and experienced conveyancer is to ask for recommendations from friends or family who have recently bought or sold a property.

You can also search online for conveyancing solicitors in your area. However, there are a few things you can look for to help you make an informed decision when checking for conveyancers online:

Check For Client Reviews

There are many websites that allow customers to leave feedback about their experiences with different businesses. This can be a great way to get an overview of what it is like to work with a particular conveyancing solicitor. Several conveyancer’s websites also have testimonial sections where you can read first-hand accounts from clients.

Check for Qualifications and Memberships

All qualified conveyancers in the UK must be registered with The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) or The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This websites provide a database of all qualified conveyancers, which you can use to check that the conveyancer you are considering is registered.

In addition, many conveyancing solicitors are members of professional bodies such as The Association of Residential Property Lawyers (ARLA) or The Law Society. These organizations have strict membership criteria and offer additional training and support to their members, so this can be a good indication of a conveyancer’s experience and knowledge.

Check for Fixed Fees

Some conveyancing solicitors charge by the hour, while others offer fixed-fee packages. It is often worth considering a conveyancer that offers fixed fees, as this can help you to budget for the cost of your conveyance. Ensure that there are no hidden charges in the fee structure, and that you are aware of exactly what is included in the package.

Look Out For their Experience and Success Rate

When you contact a conveyancing solicitor, ask them about their experience in handling cases similar to yours. Also, ask for information on their success rate, as this can give you an indication of how likely they are to be able to successfully complete your conveyancing.

Check for awards they have won over their years of practice as this is also a good indication of their experience. For example, AVRillo Conveyancing Solicitors have been awarded the title of best conveyancing solicitor in the UK by The Sunday Times.

Among the other awards they have received over their years of practice are:

  • The LFS Conveyancing Awards 2017
  • The Estas Conveyancer Award 2017 – 2019
  • Estate Agency of the Year 2016
  • Best New Build Conveyancer
  • Best Conveyancer Estate Agent of the Year 2016
  • The conveyancing category of the Modern Law Awards (2015)
  • Best in Customer Satisfaction (2014 – 2019)
  • The Negotiator Awards of the Year 2016

In light of the above, it is evident that AVRillo Conveyancing Solicitors are one of the top conveyancers in the UK. They are experienced, have a high success rate, and offer fixed-fees with no hidden charges. In addition, they are members of several professional bodies and have won numerous awards over the years.

They are also available in several areas across the UK, including Enfield, Leicester, Loughborough, Oxford, York, Southampton, Redditch, Romford, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Peterborough, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Coventry, Daventry, among others. They are the top-rated conveyancing solicitors in Coventry.

So if you’re looking for a reputable conveyancer with a wealth of experience to help you with your property transfer in the UK, then be sure to check out AVRillo Conveyancing.