Himalayan salt lamps have become a popular décor item for homes and offices. More and more people are buying these classic lamps not only for decorative purposes but also for the range of health benefits they offer.

Himalayan salt lamp, also known as pink salt lamp, is handcrafted using pure blocks of pink salt stones mined from deep mountains in the Himalayan ranges. These pink salt crystals are crafted into desired shapes and have a hollow space at the center of the bottom to place a light bulb inside. These pure salt crystal lamps help remove dust, contaminants, germs, and harmful positive ions from the air, thereby relaxing the mind, facilitating blood flow, enhancing body energy, and much more.

As these magical masterpieces assist a lot in improving physical and mental health, placing them in beneficial locations holds importance too. Therefore, while choosing where to put a Himalayan salt lamp, one should remember one main thing; in which particular area do you spend most of the time? To be altogether benefited by a salt lamp, it is a must to put it at a place close to you!

For people who wish to enjoy nature’s beauty and want to improve the air quality around them, a salt lamp in their home/office would be helpful. For all those who are still wondering where to put perfectly handcrafted salt lamps, beneath are some ideas to keep the Himalayan salt lamps at the right place –

  • In the Office Room – Installing a lamp on your work table or inside your cabin in the office is a great option. The warm glow of the lamp will help purify the air and expose you to negative ions. A salt lamp in the work area might further develop work efficiency. People might notice an enhancement in mood and concentration. Salt lamps are also known to lessen the impacts of screen radiation, which are reasons for migraines and lethargy.
  • On a Coffee Table – A perfect spot to place Himalayan salt lamp is on a coffee table close to the couch where you sit in front of the TV or close to the PC. It assists with reducing electromagnetic radiation that electronic products generate and helps prevent fatigue. In addition, it produces a soothing pink glow that will relax your mind.
  • In Bedroom – A bedroom is probably where one spends time after a hectic day’s schedule. Keeping a salt lamp in the bedroom close to your bed is a good idea to have a great source of a natural air purifier. When lit, this lamp will emit negative ions and destroy all unwanted allergens making the room cleaner. In addition, these negative ions make the air fresh along with making the mind calmer & relaxed. 

In addition to offering numerous health benefits, the Himalayan salt lamp serves as a beautiful night lamp for the bedroom. Its soft natural glow illuminates the dull hours of the night with mesmerizing orange-yellow shine. Moreover, the lamp is safe to be kept on throughout the night. Above all, salt lamps improve sleep patterns by making the mind stress-free.

  • In the Children’s Room – This is yet another ideal place to keep Himalayan salt lamps. Children are always fascinated with the warm glow of this lamp. The negative ions released by the lamps improve concentration and ease children’s sleeping habits.
  • In Spas & Massage Rooms – Stress, strain, and weakness become the variables of going for a massage. Putting a Himalayan salt lamp in the treatment rooms or lobby areas gives clients a restoring experience. People who have come to take services will feel a reasonable distinction when they go into the treatment rooms from the outside polluted air to a purified and fresh environment. These lamps not only create a wonderful ambiance but also induce feelings of tranquility and calmness during your massaging procedure.
  • In Restaurants & Cafes – Placing a salt lamp in the waiting area of the restaurant or café will add an inviting touch to the space. The customers visiting will be entranced by the iridescent light, shining in a soft amber glow. It radiates serene energies because of its sparkling presence. Its soothing crystalline glow makes the place a comfortable place to enjoy & relax with family & friends

A Himalayan salt lamp doesn’t always have to be kept at a particular place. There are many spots where one can keep them to reap the benefits. However, it is always suggested to keep it in a place far from the reach of pets and small kids as they can break it. There is a vast market for these lamps, and many low-quality products are readily available. It is always suggested to buy Himalayan salt lamps from a genuine brand at Geohoney to ensure authenticity and experience all-natural benefits.