Many homeowners buy a home warranty to help protect them against unexpected repair costs. However, many people do not realize that  during a real estate sales process, unforeseen expenses can arise at any time, when major home systems and appliances experience a mechanical failure  This is why more real estate agents are choosing to buy a home warranty plan for their business. Real estate professionals are realizing the many benefits a home warranty offers their business, agents, and clients.

What is a real estate home warranty?

A real estate home warranty is an annual service agreement that covers the cost to repair or replace covered mechanical failures of home systems and appliances due to normal wear and tear and a system and unit’s age. A home warranty plan protects the real estate professional and their clients, buyers and sellers, during every stage of the real estate transaction. 

Home warranty Coverage can include, but is not limited to: Interior Electrical System, Water Heater, Range/Oven/Cooktop, Kitchen Exhaust Fan, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Built-In Microwave, and Garbage Disposal. It can also include: Central Air Conditioning, Central Home Heating, Plumbing System, Ductwork and more.

With a trusted warranty provider’s agent portal, agents can compare options and coverages, select the plan that best fits their needs, and view and manage all of their home warranty plans in one, easy location.  When you take advantage of a home warranty plan for real estate agents offered by a trusted and reputable provider, you just simply do the following: create an account, enter real estate office and agent information, view plans, coverages, and options, select a plan, and then download the invoice. Enrolling a home warranty plan for real estate agents has never been easier.

Real Estate Agent Home Warranty Benefits

For the clients, buyers and sellers, a home warranty plan offers budget protection, security, and convenience. For the agent, it helps avoid short-term problems and builds stronger client relationships by providing superior service. As well, a warranty policy increases client satisfaction and word-of-mouth connections, and it provides opportunities for growth. 

A home warranty plan protects business and agent reputation by minimizing the risk of a closing delay due to a system or appliance failure. Also, a protection plan often mitigates the risk of an Error and Omissions claim, especially in a fast moving market. Additionally, a home warranty plan is an excellent way for agents to provide valuable advice to their clients. Clients can potentially save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars in repair costs due to unknown or unforeseen circumstances. 

Home warranties for real estate agents offer many important benefits to agents, and their clients.  By protecting their clients’ biggest life investment, they are also protecting their business. It just makes sense in today’s competitive market for a real estate agent to have a home warranty plan for the business.