The term “inspection of the wood destroying organism” – often shortened to IWDO – refers to inspecting a home for wood-destroying organisms, such as termites, carpenter ants and beetles. The wood destroying organism inspection in Land O Lakes, FL, is done by a trained professional to identify these pests and their signs.

What is the inspection of wood-destroying organisms?

Wood destroying organism inspection in Land O Lakes, FL, is a visual inspection done by our professionals to determine if there are any signs of infestation. This is done in various house parts like walls, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, etc.

Why get it done?

A wood-destroying organism inspection is vital for several reasons. First and foremost, it lets you know what types of wood-destroying organisms may be in your home. If there are some, the inspector will let you know how best to treat the problem. It can also make recommendations on how to prevent those organisms from getting into your home in the future.

Even if there aren’t any immediately visible signs of infestation, we recommend getting an inspection done so that you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is okay—or knowing exactly what steps need to be taken next!

Who does the inspection?

Only a certified inspector can provide an accurate and thorough report of your building’s wood destroying organism situation. Inspectors not certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) may not have been trained to identify and report on wood-destroying organisms or be unqualified.

You should also be sure that your inspector has the appropriate training to identify the type of wood-destroying organisms present in your building and their potential effects.

With training and certifications, the inspector should have experience in identifying wood-destroying organisms, as well as an understanding of how to mitigate the effects. If you are unsure whether your inspector has sufficient experience and knowledge, ask for references from past clients or contact the agency that issued their certification.

When do you get the inspection done?

Here are some of the more common times to have this inspection done:

  • Before you buy a new home.
  • After you’ve bought a new home.
  • If there’s been any water damage to your property, such as a flood or storm.
  • If there’s been a fire on the property that has damaged the wood in your home. This could also be an option if it’s just unclear whether fire damage was done to your property—for example, if there was smoke but no actual flames involved in the incident. You might want someone else to look at things before you decide what repairs need to be completed and how much they’ll cost!

Having a professional inspect your home for wood-destroying organisms

  • A professional inspection will be performed by certified, trained and licensed professionals.
  • You can expect that a qualified inspector will look at your property carefully and identify any potential problems so they can be dealt with before they become an expensive problems to fix.

A professional home inspection can help you avoid some common pitfalls of buying a new home. It’s important to know what you are getting into before you invest in any property. A professional inspector will tell you about any issues that need repair or replacement before move-in day.


In conclusion, we can say that the best way to protect your home and family from wood-destroying organisms is to have a professional inspect the premises for any signs of infestation. The inspection will reveal whether or not you have a problem with termites, wood beetles or wasps in your home. If there are any signs of infestation, it’s advisable to get them taken care of before they worsen and cause more damage than necessary.