When it comes to swimming pool landscaping design, one size does not fit all. Some experts in the business recommend textbook ideas for your pool area but you don’t have to listen to them. Your pool is your sanctuary because it is the one place in the yard where you can just chill and forget all your worries. For this reason, you are free to exercise your creativity and innovation in your pool area. You can work with the pool designer to come up with amazing results or you can simply contract a positively crazy designer to give you out-of-this-world designs. Below are some ideas that will leave visitors to your pool in open-mouthed amazement.

Plants and Flowers

One way to create a killer pool area is to go completely natural. Use the right combination of flowers and decorative plants to beautify your pool. In this era of environmental awareness, this is the right move for many reasons. First off, these plants will cool the pool area on a hot day and give you an even cooler effect on cool days. From the perspective of aesthetics, this idea makes sense because the flowers will give you a riot of colors. Again, the green plants will make your pool come across as a natural water body and this is pure heaven in your yard. The only snag is that you might spend a bit a bit of time getting rid of leaves in the pool but this is a small price to pay for so much natural beauty.

White Stones

Decorate your pool area with white stones and watch the place come alive. White stones will provide an excellent contrast with the blue waters of your pool and the green plants in your yard. You can also use the white stones to create a border and this means you are killing a few birds with just one stone. The white stones provide a bit of security, create visual effect and serve to demarcate the pool area from other places on the grounds of your home.


Granite does not ever go out of style. It is rugged, it is durable and it is classy. One smart move is to cover your pool completely with a granite border. This means that the pool is completely encased in a granite cocoon. Now, you can add a more starling effect by creating granite steps that lead to the pool. Once you have this in place, you just might need a crane to drag visitors away from your pool area.

Create A Resort-Like Sanctuary

Your home is not a hotel or a resort but there is no law against creating a resort-like sanctuary in the pool area. It is a simple matter of using colorful tiles, decorative umbrellas and cane furniture to create a killer atmosphere. Build a terrace for elevated seats and you have the complete picture of a resort right here in your backyard.

Other Excellent Ideas

Other ideas for your swimming pool landscaping include:

  • Glass
  • Decorative walls
  • Porcelain
  • Wood
  • Manicured pools

Choose any of these themes and you will transform your swimming pool area. And if you still need your own swimming pool, consider this pool builder Watkinsville GA by White’s Pools.