Choosing the main gate for a home can be a mind-boggling task as it defines the building’s exterior. Homeowners want the front gate to be perfect in all aspects- design, style, maintenance, and cost. And the wood gates Houston is a straightforward solution to cover all these factors. Not only are wooden gates classy and evergreen and enhance the curb appeal, but also these gates for main entry offer high security and safety. Unlike the common misconception that wooden gates are weak, they are sturdy and durable, just like metal gates.

Different types of wooden gates 

Depending on the purpose of installation, homeowners can have different types of wood gates Houston. Here listed are some popular designs that can be used for residential purposes:

  • Sliding gates: Sliding gates are perfect for the main entry when there is limited space for gate movement. Easy to install and maintain, these wooden gates operate on a smooth rail and glide along seamlessly.
  • Bifold gates: If the entry point of a house has a steep slope or limited space, then a bi-fold wooden gate is the best option. These gates usually feature 3 to 4 partitions that can be folded to create maximum space.
  • Swing gates: Most common wooden gates to be found in homes, homeowners can either choose a single swing or double swing, depending on the space available.
  • Wicket gates: These wooden gates feature a large gate for moving vehicles in and out and a small door enabling people to walk through.

Benefits of installing wooden gates

One attractive feature of wood gates Houston is that they don’t have gaps between panels making the design look more complete. Following listed are some more benefits of installing wooden gates:

  • Security: Wooden gates provide high security to the home as long as homeowners use high-quality wood. And when reinforced, these gates can be as sturdy as iron providing comprehensive security from opportunistic crimes.
  • Strong and resistant to damage: Wood is a very strong and durable material that can withstand the force of elements. And if sealed and reinforced correctly, wooden gates can last several years.
  • Cheaper than other options: Wooden gates are relatively cheaper than gates made from steel and plastic. Although there is a cost attached to the maintenance of these gates, the low entry price makes wooden gates an attractive option for many homeowners looking for inexpensive options.
  • Easy to repair: Compared to metal gates, wooden gates are easier to repair. Should a gate be damaged, purchasing the timber required to repair the wooden gate is more cost-effective than the materials and expertise required to repair metal or plastic gates.


Wooden gates are a popular way to enhance the curb appeal of a home and improve security and privacy. However, always remember that the durability of these gates depends on the type of timber selected to make them. Moreover, wood is a versatile material that can be carved into a design specified by homeowners. They just need to analyze their requirements and speak to an expert wood designer to transform their thoughts to life.