What’s the point of having a nice garden if all the tools will be piled up in it, ruining the view? All those shovels and rakes don´t look very idyllic and you need to find some ways of disposing of them so they are well-maintained and far from sight. We gathered all the useful information for you so you can read about this genius 10 ways for tool storage ideas and apply some of them right away. Keep reading.

Have baskets for tools on the garden wall

Baskets hanging on the wall can look nice and they can be useful as well.

For example, all those small tools like scissors, pliers, or pincers can fit there. This way, you get a nice decoration for your garden and a useful basket to remove all the tools that would otherwise occupy space in the garden or your home.

You can buy baskets and they are generally pretty affordable. However, for more creative souls, there are ways to make them and have fun. Check these instructions on how to weave a basket.

Reuse an old wood pallet

You probably have some old piece of wooden pallet that you might want to throw away because it’s useless. Well, think again. If you paint it in some bright color and hang it on the wall, it can become the best tool organizer for you. Besides that, it’s very economical since you don´t have to invest in almost anything.

You are going to need some hooks and nails and you can rearrange them to your liking. If it’s big enough, even bigger shovels can fit there. Some decorations can be done as well, for example, a couple of vases with colorful flowers can be a great match to distract the view from those not-so-elegant shovels.

Get a portable box for smaller pieces of tools

Boxes like this are available in different stores, and they are useful because they are compact, with different compartments for different tools. If you want to keep all the tiny tools in the same place, this is a great option, and you can´t lose anything. Different garden tools are easily lost, especially the small ones, so this is a very handy solution.

On the other hand, you can make a portable box for different purposes and be a little bit creative. The size can vary, but make it sufficient for the number of tools you have to store.

Use your garage wall to hang tools

If you have an ample garage, why not use one wall to hang all the tools that would otherwise occupy space somewhere else? You are going to news some scrap PVC pipe to make it possible. Also, employ some wooden boards to serve as support for your tools.

The wooden boards can be placed both horizontally and vertically, whatever you prefer and they should be tightened to endure the weight of the tools. You will have an organized garage and will never have a risk of hurting your feet by tripping over a rack or a similar tool.

Use an old bucket to place your tools

An old bucket can be repurposed and used to store some of your garden tools. Also, creativeness hits here as well, since you can use old jeans, cut them, and place them on top of the bucket. This way, you keep the part of the jeans that have pockets, which can be useful to keep some smaller tools that you don’t want to mix with other ones in the basket. Also, it’s easier to find them that way, when you need them.

Use old tools as a way to store new ones

You might have some rakes that are no longer functional. In this case, don´t throw them away. You can bring some life into this, otherwise useless tool, paint it and use it to hang other stuff. Remove the handle, since it´s not necessary in this case, nail the rake to some wooden pallet and use the rakes to hang stuff.

Turn your mailbox into tool storage

This a very good option for those tools that are frequently used, since they can be stored and be reachable easily. Just attach your mailbox (some old and rusty one you don’t need anymore) to the garden wall and you have it. You can paint it before to make it look nice. Colors that look great are white, blue, or yellow since they are bright and nice. Medium-size tools can fit into this small DIY storage and you can have them at hand reach. This is especially useful to keep your gloves close to you or even some scissors or pliers.

Use clay pots as a mini storage

Clay pots are not just for plants. You can use them as decoration or as a storage option for your tools. You have to fill them with sand to make a solid ground where you can stuff the tools. This way the tools won’t move and make some clingy noises if you move the pot. You can have several of these all over your garden. They don’t disrupt the looks of your garden and they are useful. You can add some pots with plants or flowers to make them less visible.

Repurpose your old file cabinet

Much old stuff can be reused as we mentioned in this article. If you have an old file cabinet that you no longer need, it might come in handy as a storage option. It has small compartments where you can keep different stuff, so why not keep tools?

Introduce the pegboard to keep your tools

You can install this in your garage or anywhere else where you can dedicate an entire wall to it. This is a great organizational hack since you can store a lot of things and have everything very neat and reachable. At the same time, it saves so much space. A win-win option.

To sum it up, with a little bit of creativity and refurbishing some old stuff, you can make some great storage options for your tools and make your garden neat. Don´t forget that gardening is a choice and that you do it for pleasure and to make your personal space more pleasant and inspired by nature. Don’t let some messy tools ruin that and follow these tips for the best organization of your gardening tools.