Hoarding is a serious mental illness that affects millions of people. Hoarders have a hard time parting with their possessions, even when they have no use for them and the items are just taking up space. The problem can become so severe that it leads to safety hazards in the home, which can lead to eviction or other legal issues. If you or someone you know has been affected by hoarding habits, then it’s important to clean up your space and get organized. 40% of the population in Alpharetta knows someone with a hoarding problem, making the statistics alarming. Clearing the space can be challenging for them, making it crucial for close ones to contact Hoarding Sanitation Cleanup in Alpharetta, GA. Read on for more information on these services.

What Is a Hoarding Cleanup Service?

A hoarding cleanup service is a professional company specializing in cleaning up hoarding situations. Family members or landlords often call in them, and they can help you organize your home. Sometimes, former hoarders start these businesses because they know how to help clean up the messes and challenges that come with clutter.

What Do Hoarding Cleanup Services Do?

  • Clean up and dispose of debris. This is the most obvious and necessary step in hoarding cleanup services. The team will remove all items from your home, including garbage, hazardous materials, and any other debris preventing you from living comfortably in your own home.
  • Remove excessive clutter. After removing any hazardous substances or materials from a hoarder’s residence, the team will focus on cleaning up the remaining clutter that’s left behind. They’ll sort through everything—including food containers, dirty clothes, and toys—and remove anything that isn’t essential to living safely on your property.
  • Clean and sanitize the home. Once everything has been removed from a hoarder’s residence by cleanup services, industrial-strength cleaners get rid of any odors lingering on surfaces inside as well as outside of your house (if necessary). Then once all traces of dust have been eliminated along with any other germ-causing elements linked directly back to what caused this behavior originally, they apply an odor neutralizer making sure no one else gets exposed either accidentally or intentionally over time because they smelled something unpleasant while walking past their neighbor’s house!

How Do You Find and Hire a Hoarding Cleanup Service?

You can find a hoarding cleanup service by checking their credentials. Make sure that the company is licensed and insured by the state. Also, ask for references from previous customers. Look for a company with experience in hoarding cleanup and willing to work with you on your budget. Alpharetta is a relatively close-knit community, so ask around before surfing the web.

What Makes a Good Hoarding Cleanup Service?

  • Experience. A good Hoarding Sanitation Cleanup in Alpharetta, GA, should have experience in this area. They should be able to provide you with references from their past clients to prove that they do this work well, and you should feel comfortable with the company based on their established track record of success.
  • Professionalism. Hiring a hoarding cleanup service is serious business, and the last thing you want is to hire someone who doesn’t take it seriously enough to provide prompt, efficient service that meets your needs. In addition, if there’s an issue during the process (e.g., damage or loss), they must follow through with any necessary repairs or replacements so that they don’t leave you hanging at any point along the way.
  • Customer service skills: Your first interaction with a potential company should be handled by someone who has excellent customer service skills so that they can set up an appointment time for them to come out and assess your situation before deciding whether or not this is something they can help you with; however, if this isn’t possible then make sure whoever answers your call sounds knowledgeable about what they do so as long as such knowledge exists within their organization!

How can Hoarding affect Lives?

Hoarding can have serious consequences, including physical and mental health problems, eviction, loss of relationships with friends and family members, and even loss of property. In a close-knit community like Alpharetta, you should be able to notice signs of someone in need and call cleanup services immediately!

  • Health hazards: In the worst cases, Hoarding can lead to serious health-related issues due to unsanitary conditions. For example:
  • Poor air quality from excess clutter blocking airflow or allowing mold to grow
  • Insect infestations
  • Rodent infestations (rodents can carry diseases)