Do you know that you can get tax benefits if you choose to buy solar panels and shift to solar energy for your domestic use? This is true yet not many people know about it. the government is pushing for solar power because it has to meet its requirement of zero-carbon emission. 

The world, at present, is moving towards its demise and humans are the ones to blame for it. we have been constantly burning coal to get electricity. This burnt coal generates a lot of carbon which leads to pollution. This carbon deposits in the ozone layer and creates ozone holes. Ozone holes are the pathways of entry of UV rays into our atmosphere. 

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The best way that we can save our environment is to shift to solar power. Solar power is the cleanest and one of the most affordable sources of power. Since solar power is non-exhaustible, it is a very good way to supplant for fossil fuels and natural resources like coal. There is no carbon emission caused by the solar panels.