How do you define a studio apartment? Well, a studio apartment is usually a complete unit that comprises of everything right from the living room, to the kitchenette and the bathroom. It is actually one single room which offers everything for a single person’s living. For some, it might be considered as a limited area which does not have separate rooms. Just because you have chosen to live in a studio apartment, does not mean that you have to at all compromise on your standard of living. In this article, we share some design tricks and tips which you can use to make optimum use of your cosy studio apartment.

Try a Glass Partition

If you wish to clearly divide your living room from your bedroom, we suggest you fix a glass partition between them. A glass partition also gives you added privacy, which is much needed in a studio apartment. You can choose from many options in glass partitions. runwal rare dn nagar

Use Colour Schemes

By opting to choose for different colour schemes,  you can easily create an illusion of a bigger space in your studio apartment. Design & decor professionals highly recommend going in for neutral wall colours.

Use Minimalistic Style of Furniture

As you know, a a studio apartment is all about space that is limited. Which is why, you should ensure that you don’t created a cluttered ambience with a lot of furniture & fixtures. We suggest you opt for minimal furniture, which is also known as the Scandinavian style. runwal dn nagar

Create a Loft

If the walls of your studio apartment are tall, then creating a loft space is advisable. You can easily convert this loft space into your bedroom or a workstation.

Double Duty Sofa

Popularly known as Sofa-cum-bed, this furniture piece is perfect for your studio apartment living. The vary concept of studio apartment is maximum utilisation of each and every space.A double duty sofa can double up as your socializing spot along with being a warm cozy bed when required.

Use Every Corner of your Room

A studio Apartment elaborates on the concept of smart living. Which is why, you should pay careful attention to every corner of your house. By doing so, you will surely find a space for fitting wall-mounted shelves or even keeping  your plants.

Use the Foot of the Bed

A great way to demarcate your living and sleeping area is placing the furniture right at the foot of your bed. Along with adding a sofa or a table or both, along with some colorful cushions or a bright floor rug.

Curtains in Studio?

Of course! A common complaint in a studio apartment is that it provides little privacy. You can easily view almost everything – your bathroom, closet space and even your kitchen! An easy way of creating the much-needed privacy is to add colourful curtains and using them to cover your bed for increased privacy.

Convert it into tiny 1 BHK

By using the right furniture in correct proportion, you can easily convert your studio apartment into a compact 1 BHK. You can choose to either cleverly divide the space with an elegant transparent bookshelf or go in for a temporary jali design. Both these units will not block the incoming light and ensure ample brightness.