Cardiff is a vibrant city full of history, culture, and entertainment. It is a beautiful city situated between the Brecon Beacons mountain range and the Pembrokeshire coastline. The city of Cardiff started as a small village, but it went through a massive transformation into a thriving seaside town during the Industrial Revolution. The city now has hundreds of thousands of people residing in it, bringing together a wide range of architecture, several parks, shops, as well as energetic events and festivals.

Along with all these, Cardiff has some of the most desirable properties and places to live in Europe and across the world. It’s no wonder why so many people are now migrating to Cardiff because of the excellent housing and high standard of living. Some of these places can be expensive but you’re assured of the quality. These are some of the most expensive places to buy property in Cardiff.

  1. Lisvane (Average property price of £566,172)


Lisvane is one of the most affluent areas in Cardiff. It has a relatively small population of about 3000, and it is made up of several tiny village shops as well as a host of natural parks and historical sites. This district is located to the North of Cardiff, and it still maintains the feel of a rural village despite being a very contemporary living area. Lisvane is surrounded by the countryside and there is a strong community lifestyle in the area. This is an area that has found the perfect balance between modern living and traditional Welsh customs.

  1. Cyncoed (Average property price of £489,211)


Cyncoed is another community with a lot of affluence, and it is situated in the Northeast of Cardiff. It is a highly exclusive area of the city, and it possesses some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in the whole country. Cyncoed is quite close to the city center, and the district offers some beautiful views of surrounding mountains. Most of the older properties that made up the town have now been demolished, and there has been the construction of more modern housing estates in the area.

  1. Rhiwbina (Average property price of £368,363)


Rhiwbina is a town that offers the best of both worlds. It provides you with a cozy and quiet village lifestyle while not completely removing you from the hustle and bustle that comes with Cardiff. There is a lot to enjoy in this lovely city, and you can start with the beautiful houses that line the streets.

  1. Heath (Average property price of £316,599)


Heath is a town with a wide range of very attractive housing options for quick cash buyers as well as many lovely restaurants. It is one of the most desirable places to live in Wales, and a significant percentage of that is down to the numerous amazing fantastic feeding options available.

  1. Roath (Average property price of £249,198)


Roath is vibe-center in Cardiff, and it is one of the most energetic towns in the city. There is a wide variety of activities you can enjoy in this town. If you want to sell property quickly in Wales, constantly enjoy events, eateries, shopping, and nature, while also having a luxurious house, then Roath could be the perfect place for you.