Just like human beings and their increasing population and sites expansion, the wildlife population is increasing with minimal site expansion. The more they become, they tend even to escape their habitats as food becomes minimal and go to people, destroy their properties and even threaten their lives. Animals like squirrels, skunks, and others can carry diseases with them, especially because their spines have poisons that are not good for humans. Therefore, if you live in areas near the threat of wildlife invasion, you are advised to try and make your property less desirable to the animals by removing any source of food and water, getting rid of anything that looks like their shelter, and sealing any point of entry.

However, sometimes the nuisance of wildlife needs a better direct method of control. Still, before you take any action into your hands, you need to understand essential things concerning wildlife control or removal. Here is what you need to know:

A permit might be essential

Most people can easily assume that wildlife is expandable, but you should know that it is not the case; all the animals, including snakes, squirrels, and skunks, are protected wildlife. Therefore, in almost every state, you will be required to apply for a permit that will enable you to remove the animals from your property. These permits are issued in various wildlife departments in your state as they are entirely based on the regulations each state sets to deal with the wildlife.

However, in some situations you might be allowed to move the animals without even the permit; this might be where the animal shows signs of being ill or poses a threat to human life or livestock. Even in a situation like this, some rules should be adhered to, where only a legal owner of the property can remove the animals.

Dealing with nuisance animals

Wildlife is special and regarded as the source of natural beauty; therefore, they are special, and even when they cause nuisance at your home, removing them should not be that straightforward. In many states, wildlife must pose a threat to you or your property before you are given a nuisance permit to remove them from your property.

In other situations, professionals are called to confirm what you are saying; for instance, a skunk should be euthanized before removing it.

Snake removal needs special instructions

When dealing with snakes, you need to consider two major things, the level of protection they receive in the given state and the danger they pose to human and livestock life. Therefore, one should be extra careful when handling these animals, even where you find that it does not bite or have no venom in their tongue.

Depending on your state, as each state has different regulations, you might need to contact the wildlife department, county extension office, or local park before you try removing the snake from your home.


The contact between humans and wildlife is inevitable; eliminating anything that can cause wildlife nuisance in your home can promise to keep you safe from them, but this is almost impossible. Where you need to remove wildlife from your property, ensure you contact the wildlife control department for further directions.

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