After a few years in your home, the memories have piled up as your family grew with fairytale weddings and unforgettable new additions of tiny hands and feet, and the multitude of photo’s on the walls are a testament to how your home has provided comfort, love and sanctuary through the years. 

But, as life changes and families grow, home renovations in Auckland become increasingly in demand. Thankfully, BBM Construction is ready to bring your renovation vision to life with top-tier, professional services that will leave you in constant admiration and awe. 

All you need to do is get in touch with us to schedule your consultation. 

Meeting Your Lifestyle Needs.

Our homes are often an extension of ourselves, reflecting our style and personality as a tangible expression through design and atmosphere. In addition, as one of the most considerable investments you can make, your home is near and dear to your heart, so you are constantly looking for ways to increase its value and turn it into a sanctuary. 

You often find yourself rearranging the furniture, upgrading your light fixtures and changing the colour scheme, but you’ve recently felt the need for more space. The layout of your living room, kitchen and patio area just doesn’t feel cohesive anymore, so you know you need to renovate as soon as possible. You’ve been looking for inspiration in various home magazines and recent renovations in your area and have come up with an idea of how you would like your home to look, feel and function. 

With your vision board complete, it’s time to find a renovation contractor. Keep in mind the whole purpose of a home renovation is to create a better living experience, so finding a reputable and proven contractor is essential to meet your lifestyle needs. 

Finding The Right Renovation Contractor.

Hiring your renovation contractor is one of the most important steps in creating your new living space, so you don’t want to miss a single detail and risk potentially derailing your vision. So, what are some of the qualities and attributes you should look for when hiring? Consider these points when shopping for your contractor:

  1. Reputation – how well-known is the company? Did you have to dig around on the internet to find them? A renovation and build company with a good reputation will be easy to find, and their website will be fully operational with all the information you need. 
  2. Experience – the last thing you need is for your home to be the very first renovation project, so be sure to check up on the company’s experience. Typically, experience will be recognisable in how the contractor interprets and understands your ideas and conveys them back to you with their design concepts.
  3. Availability – if you’ve been waiting longer than you’d like to renovate your home, you won’t want a contractor that continuously delays starting on your project or gives excuses for why they are not available.
  4. Timeline – how long will the renovation take? You obviously don’t want to be kept out of your kitchen for too long, so finding a contractor who can deliver exceptional results on time is crucial.
  5. Portfolio – don’t be afraid to ask for pictures of previous renovations. A company that is proud of its services will have a portfolio to show its potential clients as a reference of its professionalism and expertise. 
  6. Reviews – feedback is critical when you’re on the search for a reputable build contractor, so check for online reviews. Also, be sure to check the business’s website for client ratings and experience, and this will provide the assurance you need when hiring.  
  7. Budget – can the contractor complete the job within budget, or will you be stuck with hidden expenses? The ability to build within budget is critical and is something only experienced contractors will be able to do without sacrificing the charm, sophistication and functionality of your home. 

BBM Construction are the experts in designing and crafting character homes, which is why they are the obvious choice for your home renovation in Auckland. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!