Your bathroom is more than just a functional space; it should also communicate your sense of style and taste. One of the easiest ways to add character to your bathroom is through statement tiles. Whether you want a playful geometric pattern, a sleek matte black finish, or something in between, there are endless possibilities for making your bathroom tiles stand out.

In this helpful guide, we’ll give you plenty of ideas for statement tiles that will turn your bathroom from forgettable to unforgettable. And remember – routine professional tile cleaning in Melbourne will ensure your new bathroom looks impeccable at all times!

Geometric Patterns

If you’re looking for a bold statement, geometric patterns are the way to go. Diamond, hexagonal, and arabesque-shaped tiles are all popular choices that add a modern twist to traditional tile work. To make a real statement, you can mix these shapes or play with different colours. Black and white together have been a trendy combination in the bathroom space for some time now, and you can add a pop of colour with a bright accent if you desire some contrast.

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles offer a sleek and minimalist look to your bathroom – going for a simple and cohesive coloured scheme can evoke a modern feel. These tiles are often in a brick-like pattern and are versatile, as they can be used all over the bathroom walls, vanities, and floors. They work well with various decor styles, from contemporary to country classic – you can also experiment with various grout colours to achieve a different aesthetic look!

Matte Black

Who says your bathroom can’t be glamorous? Add a touch of glamour to your bath space through matte black tiles – this finish is sleek and oozes sophistication. The beauty of matte black tiles is that you can opt for different sizes and shapes from regular squares to hexagonal or elongated brick styles for interest. For contrast, you can pair the tiles with white or grey grout, giving your bathroom a striking visual edge.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles add dimension and character to your bathroom – they come in various colours and styles, and their intricate and unique looks make them a true statement piece. Mosaic tiles give you a chance to get creative with your patterns, whether it’s by arranging them in swirls, waves or zigzags for more personality. These tiles go great on an accent wall to create a focal point, and also for smaller or awkwardly sized spaces such as inset shelves, alcoves, and niches.

Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are known for their intricate patterns and designs that make them beautiful, lively and mesmerising. These tiles come in a variety of colours, from natural and earthy tones to bold hues – mixing and matching encaustic tiles brings out an effortlessly elegant look in your bathroom. If you’re looking to take it one step further, use them for a feature wall behind your bathtub or to a vanity backsplash.

Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles are a timeless and exotic choice for your bathroom – these handcrafted tiles feature geometric or floral patterns in vibrant colours. Again, you can use them as an accent wall behind the bathtub or as a border on the floor. Moroccan tiles can effortlessly add warmth and character to your bathroom and show off your unique taste.

Ready to get started?

Your bathroom tiles are an integral part of the overall look and appeal of your bathroom. Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or remodelling it from scratch, consider making a bold statement with statement tiles to create a space that’s stylish as well as practical. Follow our guide, and you’ll be sure to have a bathroom that stands out in style!