Asphalt surfaces are joint in many cities and towns but can suffer from various issues. One of the most common is bleeding, which occurs when asphalt begins to form pools on its surface due to moisture or other liquids. This article will discuss what causes asphalt bleeding, how to identify it, and what you can do about it.

What is Asphalt Bleeding, and What Causes It?

Asphalt bleeding occurs when moisture becomes trapped beneath the asphalt surface, forming liquid pools on the top layer. A lack of proper asphalt compaction often causes this during installation or excessive water passing through the pavement after it has been laid. If these issues are not addressed quickly, they can lead to further damage and costly repairs.

How to Identify Asphalt Bleeding?

The signs of asphalt bleeding are easy to spot. Look for pools of liquid on the surface and dark spots that indicate moisture has been trapped beneath the layer. You may also notice discoloration in the area and cracking or crumbling asphalt along the edges where the pool has formed. The area will usually have an oily feel when touched.

How to Correct Asphalt Bleeding?

If you have identified asphalt bleeding, repairing or replacing the affected area is the best solution. If the problem is localized, you may be able to patch the site with new asphalt, but if it is more widespread, it may require a complete repaving of the surface. You should also ensure the area is sealed correctly and draining to prevent further damage.

Apart from this, you should regularly inspect the surface to make sure any signs of asphalt bleeding are addressed quickly. Regular maintenance is key to ensure your pavement lasts as long as possible and avoid costly repairs. Remember to contact a professional if needed, as they can help you determine the best solution for your asphalt issue.

To Sum It Up

By utilizing the right tools for proper compaction during installation and addressing any water drainage issues that may arise after paving has been done, you can help ensure your pavement remains strong and durable even under stress. If you have identified asphalt bleeding on your property, don’t hesitate to contact professionals who specialize in paving services in Ballground, GA. They will be able to advise how best to repair or replace the affected area so that it is safe and secure.