With so many of us working from home over the past couple of years, it’s no surprise that some creative home office solutions have emerged. Among bespoke, homemade gaming tables and desks, it’s no surprise that we love creative outdoor home office ideas. After all, if you have the opportunity to work from anywhere, you can get the most out of it in the sanctuary of your garden. If you’re considering how to build your own outdoor office to create the perfect home workspace, read on. Whether you are planning to build an outdoor office or versatile open space, or want to keep working there indefinitely, the obvious starting point when creating an outdoor office is cover from the strong sun and weather.

If you don’t already have any covered space, providing protection from mild to severe weather conditions is a good place to start. Louvre roof shutters are ideal for outdoor offices due to their stylish and minimalist design. An Opening Roof will provide shade for meetings and glare protection so you can use your device outside.

If you already have roofing for your outdoor area, you could transform this into an outdoor room by adding glass walls, sun louvre shutters or outdoor blinds and lighting and heating.

Take it one step further by installing a retractable roof over your deck area which allows extra shade for comfort on long workdays and can help keep laptop screen reflections away.The Retractable Opening roof retracts back when you do want to see the sky above, but closes when you do want operable overhead cover – the best of both worlds.

Also give thought to your outdoor office furniture – make sure it is comfortable and ergonomic for use during your normal workday. While a makeshift desk and chair may work in the short term, over time your body could suffer from the effects of ineffective office furniture. Besides durability outdoors at any time of the year, the height of the table in relation to the chair is an important factor, along with a seat that provides correct posture and adequate back support.

Once installed, you’ll have a comfortable and functional home office, so taking regular garden breaks should complement your outdoor routine and keep you comfortable and healthy.

In winter, you may need additional heating at certain times of the day or year to keep your office comfortable. Install a Louvretec outdoor heater to your outdoor room as a great option to make your outdoor room useable in cooler months.

If your natural setting is noisy, listen to classical music, nature sounds or lo-fi beats which can help you to concentrate. Discover more ideas for designing your outdoor office by contacting the Louvretec team today.