Before the Covid-19 pandemic, companies weren’t as willing to allow their employees to work from home (WFH). Since then, there has been plenty of forced change and one thing to come out of it is the increase in acceptance of remote working. It quickly became apparent that many office-based teams could be just as productive when not in the office. In some cases; more so. With the added influx of technology such as Zoom and Slack to aid remote working, employers began to understand that WFH works and is used by many successful people to their advantage.

1. Customisable office

The comfort and familiarity of your own home can benefit your work. The calm and quiet surroundings offer a place of complete peace and focus throughout your day. Creating your bespoke workplace also offers the chance to choose your furniture. Whether you have bespoke needs or simply want to add ergonomic furniture in order to maximise your physical well-being, designing the perfect office at home can be beneficial.

2. Better work-life balance

Working remotely usually offers a little more freedom and flexibility with your schedule. As long as work is completed to a high standard, the start and finish times of the working day may differ from normal. Breaks are also encouraged to keep your concentration at maximum, whether that means taking a coffee break or a quick spot of gaming. This control can be invaluable when it comes to meeting your personal needs.

3. No commute

Commuting means a significant amount of time potentially lost each day, which over a week or a month can add up. WFH means saving money and not contributing to petrol consumption. We all know on the busy city roads of New Zealand how stressful driving can be. Even a short commute can contribute to higher stress levels which can harm your work.

4. Increased work performance

Working out of your home means fewer interruptions throughout the day. This improved working environment can benefit creative thinkers who can really enter their stride when given the right surroundings. Performing better at work means the employee will be happier and therefore more loyal, as they won’t have any reason to want to leave. The trust WFH gives staff makes them more committed to the job. It also provides them with time for hobbies and interests outside of work. More time for physical activities, a better diet and less exposure to illness make happier and healthier employees.

Create your dream home office today with quality products made to achieve the perfect environment.